Drywall Repair Basics
1:00 PM13:00

Drywall Repair Basics

Photo by Eldon Lindsay

Photo by Eldon Lindsay

Learn the basics of repairing drywall like how to fix common problems and why they happen. 

We will start this workshop in the classroom, covering topics like the anatomy of a wall, drywall hanging, different types drywall and their uses, estimating materials for projects, cutting outlet holes, texturing, and the overall steps and processes. 

Then, we’ll get hands on and go over patching your drywall. Topics include cutting sheetrock, taping and mudding, and finishing techniques, including how to achieve a professional quality skim coat. We’ll practice patching holes, working with the drywall knives, pans, and joint compound to get everyone comfortable with the tools.  

This workshop is great for homeowners and renters alike! 


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Scholarship: $10
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Drywall Repair Workshop
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Intro to Carpentry: Cutting Boards (Two Day Class: Part One)
10:00 AM10:00

Intro to Carpentry: Cutting Boards (Two Day Class: Part One)

Learn carpentry fundamentals while making your very own custom wood cutting board.  Make a functional piece of art for your kitchen that will last for many years.  Use basic laminating and clamping processes which can be applied to other projects as well as well as food safe finishing.

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