the Green Project

Cultivating a culture of creative reuse.

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Reclaiming materials and reducing waste in New Orleans.

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Salvage Store

We collect 6 tons of usable building materials every day and sell them to the New Orleans community at affordable prices. Here, you'll find doors, windows, light fixtures and more.


Paint Recycling

Our paint recycling program diverts usable paint from the landfill and offers residents a safe way to dispose of old paint, in turn protecting local ecosystems.

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Environmental Education

Our free K-12 environmental education programs, Salvage Store tours, outreach events and community workshops teach residents about recycling and creative reuse.

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In-kind Community Grants

We offer in-kind community grants to local schools, organizations and nonprofits so that they, too, and execute their missions in a sustainable manner. 


Today’s trash.
Tomorrow’s treasure.

Every year, we prevent 40,000 gallons of paint from being dumped down the drain, reclaim 2 million pounds of materials, and educate over 700 local students and residents