Salvations Salvage Design Competition challenges designers, artists and makers in Louisiana and the Gulf South to create one-of-a-kind furniture, lighting, functional objects, and dimensional art wholly
out of reclaimed materials.




ELIGIBILITY: Designers, artists, woodworkers and makers residing in Louisiana or within 200 miles of New Orleans.

MATERIALS: All submissions must be made with at least 90% salvage materials.

CATEGORY: Submissions must fall into the categories of furniture, lighting, functional objects and dimensional art.

SIZE: Pieces must fit through standard doorways, stairwells and elevators with no disassembly required. Dimensional art must be smaller than 60 cubic inches.



Pieces are judged based on…


  • Demonstrable knowledge of design & craftsmanship principals.

  • Piece is durable and shows attention to detail.

  • Piece serves the purpose for what it is designed to do (i.e., light fixtures work; chairs are stable).

Creative Reuse of Salvage Materials

  • Piece is made with at least 90 percent salvage materials.

  • Salvage materials are identifiable in the finished piece and demonstrate innovative use of the materials.

Overall Aesthetic and Proportions

  • Piece is visually appealing and meets sizing and presentation criteria.

  • Proportions and design are appropriate for the intended use.



An independent jury of local professionals awards top prizes:

Best in Show // $1,000 cash prize
Best Craftsmanship // $500 cash prize
Most Innovative // $500 cash prize
Best in Furniture, Lighting, Functional
Objects & Dimensional Art
// $250 cash prize each


Ready to enter?

Follow these 3 steps.

1. Submit an Intent to Participate. 

Submitting an Intent to Participate confirms your participation in Salvations 2019.

Deadline to submit Intent to Participate: July 16 (no cost)

Late Deadline: September 6 ($40 fee imposed)


2. Design a piece with reclaimed materials and document the process.

All submitted competition pieces must be furniture, lighting, functional objects and dimensional art made out of at least 90% salvage materials. Each piece must meet the Design Criteria and Judging Criteria as listed in the Official Rules.

Keep track of all materials used and where they were found or purchased. We encourage you to take photos of your design/build process, from the raw materials to the finished product.


3. Submit your piece to the Green Project.

The final step is to submit your piece to the Green Project. Submitting your piece includes (1) physically dropping your piece off at the Green Project and (2) turning in a submission form. You’ll get an email with the link to the submission form after you submit your Intent to Participate.

Submission Deadline: September 27



Email salvations@thegreenproject.org or call 504.945.0240 x 105.


SALVAGE MATERIALS ARE DEFINED as found objects; items purchased second hand; scraps from other projects; deconstructed objects; items not purchased new.


In partnership with

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Competition Opens

MAY 22
Info Session @ TGP

Deadline to submit Intent to Participate

Designers-only Networking Panel w/ Industry Leaders

Late Deadline to submit Intent to Participate
($40 fee imposed)

Piece(s) due to the Green Project

Designer Reception

Salvations 2019




Furniture. Items built to support living and working, such as tables, desks, and chairs. This chair is made out of a bathtub.


Lighting. Fixture with an illuminating element. This fixture was made using street signs.


Functional Objects. Functional goods for domestic use such as mirrors, coat racks, serving bowls or sets, magazine racks. or in this case, record players.


Dimensional Art. Three-dimensional wall art and sculpture for the home.