Intro to Carpentry: Cutting Boards (Two Day Class)

Intro to Carpentry: Cutting Boards (Two Day Class)

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Skill Level: Beginner/Novice
Dates: Saturday, January 12th & Saturday, January 19th
Time: 10am-12:00pm

Learn carpentry fundamentals while making your very own custom wood cutting board.  Make a functional piece of art for your kitchen that will last for many years.  Use basic laminating and clamping processes which can be applied to other projects as well as well as food safe finishing.

Attendees will:

  • Cut with the table saw and miter saw for milling and sizing

  • Shape with a bandsaw and or jigsaw for cutting curves and customs shapes

  • Plane and sand to achieve a flat finished surface

  • Arrange pieces and learn glueing and clamping techniques

  • Finish boards with food safe mineral oils and or waxes

PRICING (includes both days)

General Admission - $40

Member Price - $30
(must hold valid TGP Membership)

Scholarship - $20
(limited number of slots for those needing assistance; covers the cost of materials; select “Scholarship” below and skip billing fields at checkout)

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