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Coming in 2019

As an extension of The Green Project, ArtCycle is focused on developing an environment for showcasing the creative reuse of salvaged materials in art form.

Beginning in 2019, our store will rotate the work of reuse artists to demonstrate that reclaimed goods have value. This art will be available for purchase in support of local artists.

Much of the art on display will be available at an affordable price, providing our community the opportunity to purchase art at a price they can afford.


Some of our favorite reuse artists:


Paige Debell

From Paige: “Most of my art is painted in acrylics on reclaimed architectural salvage from my neighborhood, a historic district where many of the houses still stand empty and others are just getting rehabbed after the hurricane. I collect roof slate and ridge tile, old windows and siding, cypress doors and thick baseboard with layers of peeling, crackled paint.  These reclaimed pieces already have so much character, when a customer buys my art they take home a bit of the history of New Orleans too.'“

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Wayne Manns

From Wayne: "Most artists will frame their work afterwards. I start with the frame first. I try to tell stories with my painting, stories about black folk who were just ordinary, extraordinary people who go about their living and go about their life." Manns finds the old pieces and weaves them together to create works of art that spin a yarn usually made from wood.

Steve Martin

From Steve: “Today we are under a visual assault from all sorts of disturbing images. I feel that art should uplift the soul and elevate the spirit. This is my message and I use the human form as my messenger.” Mr. Martin also founded Art+Design Magazine. His gallery, Steve Martin Studio, is located on Julie Street in the Warehouse District.

Crystal Obeidzinski

About Crystal: Crystal is a mixed media painter who works primarily on recycled wood. She obtains old doors, cuts and preps them and then collages her photography, magazine and newspaper clippings, maps, candy wrappers and other found objects that work with her painted imagery to help describe New Orleans in these backgrounds. With this she strives to achieve an overall sense of abstract unity, with that working an eyecatching intriguing painting emerges. These paintings portray the strong feeling and obsession she seems to have with the eccentric city of New Orleans, Louisiana.