Typical Stock


  • Doors: Solid core, Hollow core, Louvre, Screen doors
  • Windows: Sash windows in a variety of sizes and number of panes
  • Hardware: Door knobs, Hinges, Nails, Screws, Window weights, Plywood clips, Staples, Antique door hardware
  • Plumbing: Galvanized pipes, PVC couplings
  • Lighting: Chandeliers, Modern and vintage light fixtures, Glass light globes
  • Hand tools: Screwdrivers, Hand saws, Saw blades, Safety glasses
  • Molding: 1 inch to 10 inch wide molding in variety of lengths
  • Glass: Window pane glass in a variety of sizes


  • Lumber: Modern and vintage
  • Bathroom Fixtures: Bathroom sinks, Toilet bowls, Toilet tanks, Bathtubs
  • Bricks and Blocks: Vintage bricks, Cinderblocks
  • Roofing: Terracotta tiles
  • Iron Works: Doors, Railing, Gate


  • 100% Recycled-Content Latex Paint: Comes in blue, green, white, cream, red, yellow, and brown. We cannot guarantee stock of all colors at all times.
  • Oil/ Alkaloid Paint: Variety of colors
  • Varnish Stains