The best recommendation in town for any DIY project is Green Project.
Suzanne R
Excellent place to get stuff to spruce up your place. AND if you are building/painting/creating something this is definitely a must stop before blowing a bunch of cash at Home Depot and the like.
Danielle S

The King of Salvaged Building Materials in New Orleans. The Green Project has been promoting reuse and recycling since before Katrina. When recycling options were few and far between in the city, the Green Project picked up the slack and served as a makeshift recycling center.

Yes, they have an excellent assortment of bath tubs, sinks, cabinets, hardware, doors, windows, and wrought iron, but they also host amazing environmentally-themed workshops and community events. Just this week they have an organic pest control lecture and a screening of Mardi Gras: Made in China.

Also, they have a bad ass used lumber yard. Since I’ve decided I want to make my own furniture with no prior skills, this place is going to be a great resource!

Chad C
Seriously they have just about everything and anything. If you are rehabbing a home and need to do it on the cheap or if you are and artist and need supplied or inspiration you will find it here. Paint for $3 a Gallon? Yep its here!

I could spend hours strolling through this place and finding treasures.

Eileen Z