Our Paint Recycling Program

Our Paint Recycling Program

The Green Project opened in 1994 as a small, neighborhood paint exchange center in response to the complete absence of responsible paint disposal options in New Orleans. We were the first – and remain the only – paint recycling facility in the Gulf South.

Our recycled paint program is designed to reduce the amount of pollutants in the storm water system by providing an environmentally sound alternative to dumping hazardous waste into storm drains or landfills. Its secondary purpose is to provide high quality recycled paint to the Greater New Orleans community at low cost, ensuring that everyone can afford to maintain his or her home with environmentally responsible materials, regardless of income.

All paint sold from our warehouse as-is. The recyclable latex paint is separated by color, re-blended, and sold for $6 per gallon for colored recycled paint and $8 per gallon for white recycled paint.







Not sure how much paint you’ll need for your project? 

Use this paint calculator as a guide!

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