Environmental Education

At The Green Project we believe that when individuals understand the actions they can take and the impact of their decisions, they will make the right choices. And that starts with environmental education. 

Our Environmental Education Program helps people to understand those choices and the effect that the misuse of materials has on our environment. We believe that the three R’s of sustainability—reducing our use of non-renewable resources, reusing materials for their full life, and recycling those items that can be recycled—are key components to living full, responsible lives and securing a sustainable future.

Our program is prepared for both formal and informal education with a wide variety of environmental activities, presentations, and classes. We work with schools, camps, churches, community groups, and others, and we are always happy to work with you to fit your particular education needs.


Thank you for joining us in learning about the choices for our future. For more information contact:

Melissa A. Gascon

Environmental Education Coordinator