Sponsorships & Grants


As a small, local non-profit, The Green Project is largely self-sustaining and receives the majority of its basic funding through sales in the warehouse store. In order to participate in local outreach events and to hold our own annual events, The Green Project relies on memberships and donations from individuals and larger sponsorships from local businesses and community partners. With several events planned for 2015, sponsorships help defray the costs and help us put our resources into our Paint Recycling and Environmental Education programs.

If you’d like to sponsor one of our events, or provide a sponsorship for our general fund, please contact Christal White to discuss benefits and sponsorship levels.



The Green Project regularly applies for grants to support our existing programs (e.g., paint recycling, environmental education)  as well as to fund new ones. If you are involved with a grantmaking organization, please feel free to contact Sean Vissar.