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When you shop at the Green Project you prevent the carbon creation of buying a new product.

Whenever an item is manufactured from raw materials, several things happen. New materials must be found and extracted. That might be metal that is mined, or trees that are cut down, or petroleum that is drilled from under the seabed. Generally large, petroleum-fueled machinery is used in these activities.
And the extraction of these materials often causes damage to surrounding ecosystems. That material then must be transported to a manufacturing facility, and more carbon is produced from the processing necessary to turn the raw material into a finished product. Then more transport is needed to get the manufactured item to a distribution center, and then to a store near you.

When you buy an item which someone else has bought or used, you by-pass most of these carbon producing steps. The item you buy in a used material store like the Green Project may have been seen as no longer useful and was headed to the landfill, which would benefit no one. So when you have a choice, buy used whether it’s the Green Project or a thrift store, or a used car lot. Your choices make a difference.

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