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As a vital part of the rebuilding community,  and the first local  home improvement salvage center, we strive to offer you the best re-sale products, the best service, and the best people, day-in and day-out!

If you can’t find it, let one of our friendly greenies know and we’ll get it for you. And on the off chance that we don’t have it, we’ll tell you who does.  






Sean Vissar, Executive Director

Sean moved from Michigan to New Orleans in 2007 to work with Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RT) and to assist with the long term recovery of the city.  There he developed and ran a Deconstruction and Salvage Program which provided an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional demolition by strategically dismantling houses by hand in order to salvage reusable building materials.  He then moved on to work with the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Unit’s disaster mitigation program which seeks to reduce loss during future catastrophic events. In July 2014 he took the helm of The Green Project, and is excited to be part of an incredible team.  Outside of his day jobs he was a founding member of 1239 Congress, a multi-purpose community arts space, as well as an active member of The New Orleans Fruit Tree Project.

Gene AllenAcquistions Manager

Gene was born and raised in New Orleans, and then went out to Northern California for 12 years. Back in New Orleans, he’s been a contractor and worked in real estate. He has an odd taste in music, loves Frank Sinatra and big band music as well as new hard rock, like Disturbed and Rev Theory, but not much in between.

Carole Hosler,  Customer Ambassador/ Materials Intake 

Carole Hosler hails from Portland, OR, and has lived in New Orleans since moving to help in the rebuilding, post-Katrina. She loves her family and friends more than anything, knows all the important life rules, and always puts her grocery cart back at the store.

Christal White, Director of Development, Marketing & Media Relations

Christal was the world’s first “eco-concierge” in New York at the eco-swank 70 Park Avenue Hotel, and thinks she wants to be an environmental lawyer some day when she grows up. She loves Star Wars, Batman, and cupcakes, and is convinced that onions were developed to assist in governmental mind control.

Melissa A. Gascon, Environmental Education Coordinator  

Louisianan by birth, Melissa’s ecological environs have spanned the U.S. throughout her 15 year binomial quest from the kelp forests of Catalina Island, CA, to the ponderosa pines of Prescott, AZ, to the woods, rivers & creeks of her childhood in Middle Tennessee, and now back to the swampland of her ancestry.  Fervent in her pursuits of environmental education, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Prescott College, then a Master of Education from Belmont University. Melissa, firmly bioagreeable, has sprinkled her savvy amongst youngsters in classrooms and beyond. She dreams of taking up Andean panflute in an effort to incorporate musicality in eco-lessons.

Jamal Beverly

Jamal has lived in New Orleans since 1984 (ah, the World’s Fair!!) and he loves dogs. Wonder if he has a pet named Seymore?

Cardell Evans