Our Staff


As a vital part of the rebuilding community,  and the first local  home improvement salvage center, we strive to offer you the best re-sale products, the best service, and the best people, day-in and day-out!

If you can’t find it, let one of our friendly greenies know and we’ll get it for you. And on the off chance that we don’t have it, we’ll tell you who does.  






Phyllis Jordan, Executive Director

The founder and former president of PJ’s Coffee, Phyllis has lived in New Orleans for 33 years. She hates waste and landfills, and has a nearly religious faith in the power of composting. Many people know her by her laugh.

Gene AllenAcquistions Manager

Gene was born and raised in New Orleans, and then went out to Northern California for 12 years. Back in New Orleans, he’s been a contractor and worked in real estate. He has an odd taste in music, loves Frank Sinatra and big band music as well as new hard rock, like Disturbed and Rev Theory, but not much in between.

Carole Hosler,  Customer Ambassador/ Materials Intake 

Carole Hosler hails from Portland, OR, and has lived in New Orleans since moving to help in the rebuilding, post-Katrina. She loves her family and friends more than anything, knows all the important life rules, and always puts her grocery cart back at the store.

Daniel Paschall,  Customer Liason

Daniel grew up in a small Northern Virginian town of about 300 people nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, which may explain why he still owns a functional VCR along with an extensive collection of VHS tapes. He says next year he’s going to finally get that Betamax that he’s always wanted. He also loves photography, pizza, and soccer.

Christal White, Director of Development, Marketing & Media Relations

Christal was the world’s first “eco-concierge” in New York at the eco-swank 70 Park Avenue Hotel, and thinks she wants to be an environmental lawyer some day when she grows up. She loves Star Wars, Batman, and cupcakes, and is convinced that onions were developed to assist in governmental mind control.

Melissa A. Gascon, Environmental Education Coordinator 

Melissa hails from Portland, Oregon and spent most of her days prior to moving to New Orleans chasing frogs around the jungle and wearing flannel like it’s still 1996. She also has an unwarranted dislike for chocolate.

Allen Wyman

Allen has lived in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward since 1981 and has 5 sisters. He’s played football with Willie Roaf and Joe Horn. He also worked for 5 years on a goat dairy farm.

Jamal Beverly

Jamal has lived in New Orleans since 1984 (ah, the World’s Fair!!) and he loves dogs. Wonder if he has a pet named Seymour?

Adrian Carter-Sider

Jonathan Perkins 

Robert Posey

Cardell Evans

John Moody